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Agriculture is the most sustained industry in the world. At Cella Farms, we use BREAKTHROUGH technologies to transform agricultural crops into complete nutritional products for consumers.



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A major portion of our diet is dedicated to staple foods that come from wheat, rice, corn, pulses, potato, oats, cassava, sorghum, millets etc. The scale and outreach of agricultural crops is key to feeding 9.6 billion people sustainably by 2050. However, the lack of protein quality and quantity in agricultural products must be addressed first.

At Cella Farms, we harness the power of fermentation to enrich agricultural products with complete protein and make them nutritionally balanced. Our mission is to deliver the best tasting nutritious products for all eating occassions, that are right for our entire family and for planet earth.

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Monica is an impact-driven technepreur with 15 years of experience in bio-manufacturing and commercialization of sustainable products, including food, fuels and chemicals. As an early employee at Geltor, she helped commercialize the world's first animal-free ingestible collagen. Previously, she was responsible for scaling-up algal DHA, algal fuels and food oils at Solazyme, to multi-ton production facilities in USA and Brazil. Monica is also the co-founder of Novol Bio, a company that develops high quality prescription eyeglasses using sustainable polymers made from corn. Being a life-long vegtarian, she understands the pros and cons of a plant-based diet. At Cella Farms, her goal is to drive technology that fundamentally improves the way humanity eats, regardless of diet styles, age or cultural preferences.


Baljit is an industry pioneer with 20+ years of experience in Food and Agriculture sector. As a senior leader at various companies, he led the technology and innovation functions for R&D, new process and product development, scale-up, commercialization and product strategy. He was previously VP of Global Food research at ADM where he drove innovation in grain-based products, including proteins, starch and fiber portfolios. He also supported ADM Ventures diligence in companies like Perfect Day, Geltor, Nature's fynd etc. Most recently, he was SVP of Food Innovation at Nature's Fynd and helped launch Fy protein based products in the fast-emerging vegan, dairy- free & meatless product categories. Like Monica, Baljit is driven by high-impact technologies promoting nutrition and planetary health. As CTO, he will lead the innovation, technology & commercialization activities for the company to create nutritious and delicious foods.

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We are a team of dedicated innovators in the field of biotechnology, fermentation, ingredient processing, food science, bioinformatics, business development and commercial operations.
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